Don Lemon Talks Over Terry Crews When he Tries to Expose Unsavory Parts of “Black Lives Matter” Org.

The radical left’s assault on Terry Crew’s sensible ideas continues. Crews, the famous and usually well-liked Hollywood actor has pushed back on some aspects of the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement, and the left isn’t happy.

He has previously said he doesn’t want “Black Lives Matter” to become “Black Lives Better”, pointing out that some of the ‘rage culture’ is going too far. He has signaled no plans to backtrack with a recent tweet stating that this is the hill he will die on proverbially. See recent tweet below:

Crews has also gone on to say that fighting ‘white supremacy’ without good white people can turn into ‘black supremacy’, and with a mixed race wife and white friends, he can’t stand for that. See some of his thoughts in the below video:

Many liberals have turned on Terry, unfortunately, and Don Lemon of CNN is just one of the latest examples. Terry tries to explain that the official organization titled “Black Lives Matter” talks about a lot more than just police brutality, which Don Lemon insists is the main premise of their movement.

When Crews tries to go into detail, Lemon rudely talks over him, giving him little chance of getting his point out there in the interview. See the shocking exchange below:

Time will tell if pressure gets the best of Terry, or if some others on the left and in Hollywood adapt to his way of seeing the situation. One can only hope the nation can find some resolution to all the racial division before it gets any worse.

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