‘Rage Mob’ Tries to Cancel Radical Leftist Trump Hater’s Masterpiece ‘Hamilton’

The musical Hamilton has been a raging success, propelling liberal Trump-hater Lin Manuel-Miranda to the top of the Broadway scene in New York City and with the help of “Broadway Across America” as well. During the show’s honeymoon phases tickets often fetches similar money to that of what someone might pay for a cheap used car.

Covid-19 has pretty much ground Broadway to a halt though, and as if that wasn’t enough, now the ‘woke’ Manuel-Miranda is sadly (for him) getting a dose of his own left-wing rage mob medicine. Many are indeed calling for Hamilton to be ‘canceled’ shortly after it made it’s debut on Disney’s newer streaming service, ‘Disney Plus’.

Many folks on Twitter, with the Black Lives Matter organization, and other left-wing radicals are saying that the Musical just doesn’t live up to 2020’s politically correct standards. This comes even after radical liberal Trump-haters like Rosie O’Donnell bragged about seeing the film over a dozen times. O’Donnell said of Hamilton according to The Hollywood reporter:

Haven’t seen Hamilton yet? Well, Rosie O’Donnell has seen it on Broadway … 12 times.

“It is by far the best thing I have ever seen in my life. … If I could go once a week, I would,” she told James Corden on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show. “It’s like going to church for me.”

O’Donnell, who has previously hosted the Tonys three times, also told the upcoming host of the awards show to simply rehearse awarding all the honors to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical based on Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers.

Looks like Rosie may have to eventually apologize to the ‘rage mob’ as well. Also, BizPacReview reported yesterday:

Democrats like former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and their families joined scores of other liberals in praising the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda after it made its Broadway debut in 2015. It gained even more prominence among progressives when actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who played Aaron Burr in the stage production,  read a statement from the stage during a performance, lecturing Vice President Mike Pence who was met with jeers from the audience when he and his family attended the show in 2016.

While the Broadway musical won 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for drama, landing in 2020 amid racial tensions, civil unrest and the frenzy to topple statues and vandalize monuments has given the film version of  “Hamilton” a different welcome.

The cancel culture seized on the debut of the film this weekend to light into the production and its creator, slamming Alexander Hamilton himself, an influential Founding Father who served as a member of President Washington’s first Cabinet, leading the Treasury Department.

One person tweeted:

“reminder for all y’all hamilton watching mofos: hamilton was a racist slaveowner, and casting poc as white bigots isn’t the reclamation you think it is. it’s a romanticized telling of a white man’s plights, so none of y’all better be stanning the founding fathers AGAIN.” See below:

Another one read:

“i mean i think the fact that a musical like hamilton (which is deeply problematic and nationalist) has to exist in order for non-white actors to have a space on broadway is just very indicative of how non-white stories will never be able to thrive on this elitist medium” See tweet:

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) called out the lunacy today:

“The Left is now trying to “cancel” their own heroes. Nobody’s safe.” See tweet:

It’s hard to say if cancel-culture has taken this one step too far, if Broadway will keel over and accept the charges and immediately cancel the ragingly successful Broadway show, or if they will show some backbone and perhaps push back some. Even if they do, it will be questionable if it’s more about the money than anything else, as left-wing hypocrisy often shows many double standards in times like this.

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