Donald Trump Goes Savage Mode on Bill Barr for Siding with Haters with ’Classified Documents’ Statement, ’No Guts, No Glory’, ’Weak and Pathetic RINO’

Recently, former Attorney General under then President Donald Trump Bill Barr lashed out. In earlier stories we also did, it was becoming clear Bill Barr was ”turning” on Trump rather than staying an ally.

Barr recently said about the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago that there was ”no justification” for the alleged classified documents Trump had. Donald Trump went full bore this time, firing back hard on Truth Social:

“Bill Barr had “no guts,” and got “no glory.” He was a weak and pathetic RINO, who was so afraid of being Impeached that he became a captive to the Radical Left Democrats – “Please, please, please don’t impeach me,” he supposedly said. Barr never fought the way he should have for Election Integrity, and so much else. He started off OK as A.G., but faded fast – Didn’t have courage or stamina. People like that will never Make America Great Again!”

Truth Social Screenshot

Trump also Truthed:

“Former A.G. Bill Barr was fired long before I left the White House on January 20th. He acted very slowly on the “No Collusion” Muller Report in that the FBI and “Justice” had the “Laptop from Hell” in their possession, which totally exonerated me long before Mueller’s decision came out, years later- A waste of time & money. The Laptop information should have been released BEFORE the Rigged Election, not after it, for the VOTERS TO SEE. He was petrified of the lunatic Dems & of being Impeached!”

Truth Social Screenshot

Trump and his tens of millions of staunch supporters believe the FBI acted to stop him from a 2024 presidential run. A judge has yet to decide if there will be a ”special master” to take over the case.

As crazy as all this seems and feels, politicians continue to spend taxpayer money, business as usual, at an alarming rate while the Federal Reserve tries to combat the inflation with high interest rates.

We had an idea of where Barr stood however, as we reported:

Disclaimer: we are aware that left wing fact checkers may try to claim some things Donald Trump says are not true or correct. We are simply quoting his statements however and it is up to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions as to what to think about what anyone says on heavily censored internet platforms.

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