Donald Trump Jr. Marks One-Year Anniversary of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ By Attending a Race at the Phrase’s ‘Birthplace’ Talladega

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” going viral after a reporter claimed a Talladega crowd was chanting that instead of “F*ck Joe Biden.”

Donald Trump Jr. marked the anniversary by attending a NASCAR race at the phrase’s “birthplace,” Talladega.

In a tweet, Trump Jr. declared, “Good afternoon from ‘Dega, one year ago the birthplace of Let’s Go Brandon #LGB #FJB.”

Trump Jr.’s tweet attracted Trump haters including comedian Michael Rapaport who told him, “And your sh!t bag father STILL lost.”

Ultimately, Chase Elliott won the race yesterday to advance to the round of 8 in the NASCAR playoffs.

Brandon Brown, who was the driver interviewed last year, shared a quote tweet marking the day as well, although he wasn’t a part of the race as he competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

“This is everything,” Brown said in the quote tweet, which was from a NASCAR Xfinity tweet that shared a clip of him winning last year’s race.

While many offered praise to Brown, one leftist replied, “Well we did see what kind of fans you have. Not impressed.”

Other anti-Biden Twitter users celebrated the day as well including one who shared a clip from when Biden himself had uttered the phrase just prior to last Christmas.

“‘Let’s go Brandon’ is clueless That’s why this country is in such bad shape,” they noted.

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