Donald Trump Jr. Posts Meme of his Dad Flying on Eagle to Mock Joe Biden after Bird Poop Claims, ‘Des Moines Register’ Reports it Was ‘Distiller’s Grain’ However, not Poop

Yesterday, a bird reportedly defecated on Joe Biden, as you have probably heard about by now. We are, of course, monitoring the situation and outlets are now claiming otherwise. (See the end of the story)

Subsequently, former and possible future President Donald John Trump Sr.’s son posted a meme on Instagram mocking Joe Biden.

The meme, a screenshot from “American AF”, depicts the older Trump flying on an eagle holding a rifle above Joe Biden in the image where the bird allegedly did his or her business on the sitting president’s shoulder.

Of course, we all know this is a meme and a joke and hope that the “fact-checkers” do not get overzealous in this instance.

Many people could use some levity during a time that inflation and gas prices are through the roof. Check out Trump Jr.’s post from Instagram:

If you’d like you can watch a short clip of yesterday’s speech where the event happened. Although we have not seen it yet, we won’t be surprised if some compare this even to when former President Barack Hussein Obama had a fly land on his head.


Although this doesn’t have much to do with policy, sometimes things like this affect conversation, and people can get too swept up in the emotions of politics.

Some now say a bird did not actually poop on Biden or question what happened.

Des Moines Register presents a different story, saying it was distiller’s grain, not poop.

But it wasn’t a “feathered fiend” relieving itself as characterized by the Daily Mail, a British tabloid. While there were birds in the “giant barn” where Biden spoke, according to a Des Moines Register photographer who was in the event in Menlo, Iowa, the substance that stained Biden’s jacket was in fact distillers grain. 

We will continue to update this story as it unfolds and different reports come out.

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