‘Donald Trump’ Trends on Twitter With Over 1.2 Million Tweets

Despite being banned from Twitter, former President Trump is still trending under “politics” on the social media platform as the words “Donald Trump” currently have over 1.2 million tweets.

Former White House Director of Communications who served for a brief period under Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, was one of the top tweets who said, “If you are reading this you have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump . . .”

Scaramucci has a little less than 1 million followers so at least in Trump’s favor, there were more tweets about the former president than “The Mooch” has followers.

Although it seems many of the prominent tweets are negative Comedian Andrew Doyle’s parody account Titania McGrath, created to mock “woke culture” received a top slot on the trending page.

He tweeted sarcastically, “I am getting complaints for praising Joe Biden and thereby endorsing straight white male power. To be clear: race, gender and sexuality is determined by how you vote in elections. As the one who ousted Donald Trump, we can safely say that Joe Biden is the blackest of lesbians.”

One response from “yxng contrarian” wondered, “Do you ever come up with new material Andrew?” He added, “I think you’ve beaten this dead horse well enough.”

Doyle responded from his personal account and shot back, “The ones who are beating the horse are the target. Once they stop beating, so will I.”