Doug Collins Throws Shade on Joe Biden’s Georgia ‘Win’ at Savannah Rally: ‘Fighting to Fix Problems’ With Voting Process

A Mike Pence rally was held today in Savannah Georgia to rally Trump supporters and try to get Republicans to show up and vote in the upcoming Senate runoff. US House Rep Doug Collins (R-GA) appeared to throw a bone to Trump fans who believe the Biden win in Georgia was potentially due to voter fraud, despite denial by the mainstream news.

Doug Collins actually ran against Loeffler but is now working with her to try to help Republicans keep the US Senate. This comes after losing to her in the general, putting Loeffler into the runoff spot.

DJ Judd reported:

“During today’s rally in Savannah, GA, Rep. Doug Collins, who heads the Trump Campaign’s GA Recount team, attempted to cast doubt on the certified results that show Biden won the state, saying he’s “fighting to fix the problems we found in Georgia and all across this country.””

Collins is making it clear that he wants Republicans to vote in the Georgia runoff but hasn’t been throwing shade on Lin Wood and others for demanding voter accountability like US House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) as we reported previously. Collins strategy does make more sense as you don’t pick a fight with those supported by your base.

Byron York reported:

“Doug Collins at Pence Georgia Senate rally in Savannah: ‘Every Trump supporter here…you owe it now to take yourself and your friends to get out and vote….Don’t let anybody tell you not to go vote.'”

President Trump himself will be in Georgia to rally in support of the Senate runoff races as well. Politico is reporting that the GOP is ‘anxious’ and NPR reports that President Trump is toying with a 2024 run.

It’s hard to say for sure what these left-leaning outlets think or if they are just speculating. President Trump has not yet conceded the 2020 presidential race and continues to push for possible voter fraud to be exposed including but not limited to Georgia.

Time will tell how the Georgia situation unfolds, especially considering the twist of fate which is Kelly Loeffler’s staffer recently dying in a tragic car accident. We reported on that recently as well which can be read here. The staffer also appears to have had ties with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

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