Elise Stefanik Speaks Out Against Possible Trump Arrest, Calls for America First Patriots to Peacefully Organize by Voting

U.S. House Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) issued a statement on the possible arrest of former President Donald Trump. Stefanik called out the “radical Left” comparing this action to that of “Third World countries”.

She called on America First Patriots “to peacefully organize and VOTE.. to save our great republic”.

See her full statement below:

“This is unAmerican and the radical Left has reached a dangerous new low of Third World countries. Knowing they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box, the Radical Left will now follow the lead of Socialist dictators and reportedly arrest President Trump, the leading Republican candidate for President of the United States. This is just a continuation of the disgraceful and unconstitutional pattern going back to the illegal Russian collusion hoax to attempt to silence and suppress the will of the voters who support President Trump and the America First Movement. What these corrupt Leftist prosecutors like Alvin Bragg and their Socialist allies fail to understand is that America First Patriots have never been so energized to exercise their constitutional rights to peacefully organize and VOTE at the ballot box to save our great republic.”

Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg is preparing to charge the former president with a felony in connection to Stormy Daniels. According to Fox News’s John Roberts, the federal government had decided not to charge Donald Trump earlier.

The Hill published an article by Johnathan Turley calling this action, “made-for-TV Trump prosecution: high on ratings, but short on the law”.

Many are lining up in support of Donald Trump, while others, such as CNN contributor Adam Kinzinger are taking potshots while they can.

This news has most Americans feeling one way or another about it. It seems not too many are indifferent.

The charges and possible arrest are reported to be coming this next week. While Trump may be charged and arrested he will then have his day in court, if that does happen.

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