Elon Musk Comes Clean, Admits ‘Whoever Thought Owning the Libs Would be Cheap Never Tried to Acquire a Social Media Company!’

Elon Musk came clean today about his attempted acquisition of Twitter, essentially acknowledging that perhaps it is going to be a bit harder than he had anticipated.

In a two-part Twitter thread, Musk admitted, “Whoever thought owning the libs would be cheap never tried to acquire a social media company!”

Two minutes later, Musk added, “At least, that’s what the lib hivemind thinks haha.”

Musk’s tweet upset many liberals and as Tim Young noted, “I don’t need notifications for Elon Musk tweets… I just know it happens when I hear shrieking in the distance from the left.”

Anti-Trump Twitter troll Jeff Tiedrich ironically responded, “‘What if a guy born into obscene wealth became an internet troll’ is a question no one asked, yet here we are.”

As we reported yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that the Twitter takeover deal is on hold. He said that he is still committed to the acquisition, however, just underneath that.

It’s hard to tell yet if he is getting less interested in buying the company, or if it was a ploy to snag it for less money.

“Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users… Still committed to acquisition,” Musk said in the thread.

Shortly after the initial deal for Musk to buy Twitter was made, many people asked Musk to unblock their accounts and that of former President Donald Trump. Of course just because they accepted his deal over at Twitter headquarters, didn’t mean he was in charge yet.

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