Elon Musk Posts Screenshot Showing That Truth Social is Currently Number One on Apple’s App Store for Downloads, Beating Twitter

Tesla CEO and likely future owner of Twitter when the recent deal made to take the social media company private closes later this year Elon Musk is still on his tweeting spree. Musk seems to not be phased in the face of heavy criticism from the left about his plan to run Twitter. He is also not apparently phased by the current stock market turmoil which has not spared his biggest wealth holder, Tesla stock itself.

While all this Musk/Twitter news has been taking place, former President Trump’s pre-launched new social media app Truth Social has had some hiccups. Truth Social took a back seat in the news while the Twitter saga has and continues to play out. Many noticed how long the “beta” rollout has been taking, with Truth Social still only being available to Apple App store users, and not for everyone who has tried to get on it yet either.

Surprisingly, Truth Social was the top downloaded app yesterday somehow, and although that will likely be a competitor to Musk’s Twitter should his takeover succeed and be finalized, he seemed to notice it and point it out anyway.

Meanwhile, some have speculated that Musk may take Donald Trump’s ban off and reinstate him to Twitter down the road potentially, although he hasn’t said whether or not he would for sure, one way or another. Trump says he will probably not use Twitter anymore, and plans to post to his new app, Truth Social, once everyone who wants to get on it is able to.

But that doesn’t mean we know for sure how Donald Trump would react should Musk indeed reinstate his account, however, in our view. All this being said, it seems like a friendly gesture for Musk to point out the top spot for Truth Social yesterday in the download numbers, and we are hesitant to read beyond the obvious in looking for some possible cryptic meaning.

Being that it’s Musk, however, there could always be a hidden meaning to almost anything and everything he says, so we also wouldn’t rule it out completely.

“Truth Social is currently beating Twitter & TikTok on the Apple Store”

We will stay tuned to the ongoing free speech “wars” and developments with Twitter, Musk, Truth Social, and more in addition to staying tuned to many upcoming elections. It’s also interesting to wonder if Trump and Musk would ever work together on something although that’s probably a stretch to speculate about at this point.

Yesterday we pointed out in the story below how Musk is not yet in charge of Twitter, despite much online speculation. Although a deal is made, much more has to happen before he officially gets the keys to Twitter HQ. Read more:

UPDATE, 8:50 AM ET: We noticed that it appears Truth Social may be crashing due to overwhelming demand currently. When we logged on to post to our verified Media Right News account there, we were unable to post due to an unspecified error. although this is speculation, there may be a correlation to the top download status potentially overwhelming the former president’s social media website. We will update this when we get further information.

UPDATE, 8:55 AM ET: Truth Social via the Apple app, for those who are able to log in appears to be back to fully functional once again.


Musk later added:

“Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter censored free speech…

…Should be called Trumpet instead!”

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