Elon Musk Scores Another Major Win, Found Not Liable in Securities Fraud Case Against him in San Francisco

A United States jury has ruled in Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s favor.

Musk was found not liable in a securities fraud case claiming that a tweet about “funding” being “secured” meant he had to take Tesla private, which he ultimately did not do. Many claimed Musk owed billions in damages over a tweet since he didn’t make the move.

Musk claimed he did nothing wrong. The tweet was from 2018. CNBC reported in part about after that tweet:

Musk later claimed that he had a verbal commitment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, and thought funding would come through at his proposed price based on a handshake. However, the deal never materialized.

From Reuters:

“BREAKING: A jury found Tesla and CEO Elon Musk not liable in a securities fraud case over a tweet saying he had lined up funding to take the electric car company private”

This is another big win for Musk despite leftists and jealous haters wishing the worst for him since he bought Twitter. Twitter has had hiccups but largely still is functioning fine. Tesla is doing well and the stock price has almost doubled since a recent bottom.

Musk recently tweeted that he only wishes he didn’t have to sell as much Tesla stock to buy Twitter, highlighting his belief in the company’s growth.

Previously Musk tried to get the trial moved to Texas from liberal San Francisco, California. However, things went favorably for him anyway.

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