Emergency Petition Filed By Group of Wisconsin Republicans in Attempt to Delay Certification of Votes

An emergency petition was filed today with the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging the state’s unofficial results in the 2020 presidential election and attempting to delay the certification of votes.

The petition identified over 156,000 votes that they believe were either wrongly counted or weren’t counted.

Currently, there is a recount under way in two counties in the state, which was paid for by the Trump campaign.

Today, all observers had a paper wristband with smiling poop emojis affixed around their wrists to show they passed the required health screen and some questioned whether officials were taking the recount seriously.

Conservative radio talk show host Vicki McKenna tweeted, “A recount volunteer says she and others were forced to wear these bracelets to participate in recount. Staff, attorneys and volunteers all wearing them. Do these people NOT take elections seriously?”

386 uncounted ballots were discovered this morning and will be included now in the final tally. Thus far, it shows that President Trump has picked up 57 votes, but that doesn’t include the newly discovered ballots.