Eminem Kneels ‘Colin Kaepernick Style’ During Super Bowl Halftime Show, Various Opinions and Commentary Emerge

The halftime show of the NFL’s Super Bowl last night was predictably rife with controversy as the performers made their complaints known in various ways.

Detroit rapper Eminem, who is arguably the best rapper ever and perhaps the top entertainer in America chose to kneel “Colin Kaepernick style” at the end of his performance.

There were reports after the show that the NFL had told him that he couldn’t do it, but the league denied those reports ultimately.

Rapper and producer Dr. Dre made his thoughts known by using the lyric, “Still not loving police,” during his song “Still D.R.E.”

Then there was Snoop Dogg, who dressed in the Los Angeles Rams colors but appeared to be “gang-related” to the crips and he also did a crip walk during the performance.

Once again, liberals cheered on the performances as a means to dunk on their conservative opponents, real-life consequences be damned.

Left-wing Twitter user “Fifty Shades of Whey” declared, “NFL told Eminem not to kneel and he did it anyways. F*ck the NFL. Props to Eminem.”

Jon Cooper asked in a tweet, “I kneel with Eminem and Colin Kaepernick in support of Black Lives Matter. Who joins us?”

One Twitter user responded, in perhaps a self-own of the situation, “I’ve been kneeling at every event that plays it ever since! And I’m often the only one.”

The left has been looking for inspiration as the current administration has been anything but inspiring so perhaps this will be just what they need to kickstart the social justice movement heading into the summer and ahead of the midterms.

Time will tell if it ends up just being a one-off thing or if there will be more activism to follow.

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