Ukrainian President Posts That He Was Told Russia Will Invade on Wednesday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a Facebook post today where he said that he was told that Russia will invade on Wednesday.

It is unclear where he may have gotten such intelligence from, but the United States and its allies have repeatedly warned of an imminent invasion by Russia.

Russia has stationed some 130,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders to the north, south, and east, but denies that they have done so in order to plan for an invasion.

Jonathan Kirby said today at a news conference, however, in response to a reporter’s inquiry, “We don’t believe that some final decision has been made.”

The reporter then pressed, “We just heard from President Zelensky that he’s been told an invasion will happen on Feb. 16…How do you reconcile that Putin hasn’t made a decision but an invasion is happening on the 16th?”

“Well, I’m not gonna talk about specific intelligence assessments,” Kirby responded and added, “I won’t get into a specific date, I don’t think that would be smart.”

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price declared, “We have not seen any tangible—any real sign of de-escalation” by Russia.

The U.S. also announced that they were closing the Kyiv Embassy and relocating diplomatic operations to western Ukraine.