Eric Swalwell Calls the ‘Violent Attack on Brazil’s Government’ an Export of ‘Kevin McCarthy’s Insurrection Party’

U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) today lashed out at the new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as protesters in Brazil are occupying various federal buildings in the state’s capital.

It appears that most of the protesters lack any real weapons to ultimately stage a coup, much like the situation that occurred on Jan. 6, and Swalwell seized the opportunity to compare the two.

Swalwell said in a quote tweet that showed a video of actions the protesters have taken, “This violent attack on Brazil’s government is the first export of Kevin McCarthy’s Insurrection Party.”

Journalist Stefan Simanowitz said in the original tweet, “In scenes reminiscent of the January 6 Capitol attack in the US, supporters of the defeated President #Bolsonaro, have marched on #Brazil’s Presidential Palace & Congress building, invading the floor of the Federal Senate & the Supreme Court.”

The election for president of Brazil played out similarly to the 2020 United States presidential election, with Jair Bolsonaro leading for much of it until the end when Lula overtook his vote total.

McCarthy pledged in November that he planned to keep Swalwell off of the Intelligence Committee.

“One thing I said from the very beginning, Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector,” McCarthy said at the time.

McCarthy added, “Why would we ever give him a security clearance and the secrets to America? So I will not allow him to be on intel.”

After McCarthy was elected Speaker, Swalwell claimed in a tweet, “Two years ago insurrectionists failed to take over the Capitol. Tonight Kevin McCarthy let them take over the Republican Party.”


  1. Brazil had a good President before the crooked govt. Installed a corrupt one like the USA did when they installed Biden

  2. Send FangFang to spy on them Eric.

  3. Globalists, progressive liberals, communists, democrats and anti-American dolts, just don’t understand a patriots love of freedom. And just because they DENY wrong doing doesn’t mean freedom loving Americans are dumb enough to believe them. Same thing in Brazil. They don’t want communism. They know it doesn’t work. The liberty tree needs fertilizer.

  4. Swallos’sWell has had so much Chicom dick down his throat, he can fart the Chinese alphabet.

  5. Fartswell is compromised and wirks for the CCP.
    Good Luck to the Freedom Fighters in Brazil!

    1. McCarthy should realize that the Democrats are not rivals they are enemies

  6. If this were are real insurrection, the people would have arrived well armed or with pitch forks and burnt down the Congress building, Supreme Court and Presidential Palace. This is after all what has happened in numberous coups since WWII.

    1. Sorry for some errors which I cannot edit:
      If this were a real insurrection, the people would have arrived well armed or with pitch forks and burnt down the Congress building, Supreme Court and Presidential Palace. This is after all what has happened in numerous coups since WWII.

  7. Pigs like Swalwell will always be allowed to use media to amplify their deranged words until justice silences them. Their lies and corruption go unopposed and unpunished so the media has no fear of repeating them.

  8. Swalwell should be stripped of all committeees like they did to MTG

  9. “President” Smallwell (hat tip: Corey Luandowski (sp) ) was paid and FORCED by the chicoms to tweet that.

    Change my mind.

  10. Chinese agent Eric Swalwell will do anything, say anything to support communist causes.

  11. No end to my loathing of dems, such miserable bastards.

  12. Got new for you china boy, Jan 6th was no insurrection. If us Patriots were to overthrow the corrupt leftist government., we would have brought weapons and we would still be holding the capitol.

  13. The 1/6 incursion into the Capitol was an FBI-directed false flag operation to prevent any investigation into Biden’s election fraud. It worked.

  14. As usual, Swallwell is so full of gas he can’t keep it in.

  15. Swalwell should be ducktapped to a chair and gagged for the rest of his tenure.

  16. Just a further display of Swalwell’s stupidity.

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