Eric Swalwell Tells Bizarre Capitol Tour Story and Equates Being Raised in a Trump-Supporting Family to a ‘Cult’

U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) today told a bizarre Capitol tour story in a tweet where he equated being raised in a Trump-supporting family to a “cult.”

Swalwell began in the tweet, “Today I gave a tour in the Capitol and was stopped by a father with his young boy.”

“The father yelled at me ‘Hey Swalwell’ and then told his son, ‘that’s Swalwell. He’s trouble. He doesn’t back Trump,'” Swalwell claimed.

Swalwell then concluded by noting, “I kept walking and felt sad for the boy. He’s being raised in a cult family.”

One Twitter user, who didn’t believe the encounter occurred, responded, “You will be forever traumatized by this thing that absolutely didn’t happen.”

Swalwell did receive a lot of support, however, from left-wing Twitter users including one who replied, “Children are not born with hatred in their souls. Hatred is taught.”

Another told Swalwell, “If I ran into you I’d take up a bunch of your time thanking you for all you do! I’d probably seem a little ‘fan girl’. So grateful for you! I also love your ‘shade’ game!”

Swalwell recently appeared on CNN and suggested that Trump “assembled the (Jan. 6) mob, aimed the mob, and incited the mob as they violently tried to overthrow the Capitol.”

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