EXCLUSIVE: Newly-Elected GOP House Rep Who is Replacing Anti-Trump RINO Riggleman will Definitely Object to Joe Biden Certification

Outgoing Congressman for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, Denver Riggleman (R) received an endorsement from President Trump before the local Republicans chose to nominate Republican and Christian Conservative Bob Good instead of Riggleman to replace him in his then-upcoming re-election race.

Once it was clear that Bob Good was the nominee, President Trump then endorsed him over the Democrat as well. Nonetheless, many locals and others who follow that district know that Denver, although he pretended to warm up to President Trump with photo ops and tweets, was not a Trump guy.

Riggleman is a more left-libertarian-leaning guy in fact, who spends much of his time now betraying Trump by bashing him on Twitter and continually regurgitating left-wing talking points about ‘Q-Anon’. It appears Riggleman has even been palling around with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Twitter as well.

The local Republicans who ousted Riggleman were unhappy that Riggleman officiated a gay wedding and used it to try to get political credit. This is just one of the many reasons they held a convention to unseat the Republican Rep.

It’s almost certain that had Riggleman been re-elected, he would have caved by now in the fight to support President Trump’s efforts to magnify potential voter fraud that he believes is enough to turn over the election. Riggleman is now gone though.

Although previously mentioned by Fox News, we received a comment from a Bob Good surrogate confirming that Rep Good will definitely be one of the over 100 US House Reps objecting to the certification of Joe Biden’s win along with US House Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL), who has been one of the Republicans leading the charge.

Although Good may not be as active on Twitter as the less Conservative Riggleman, who he is replacing, he is a strong advocate for President Trump, strong immigration restrictions, and strong advocate for Christian Conservatives in Virginia’s red 5th district.

We will see what happens on January 6th as the list of Senators and Congressman objecting to Biden’s win continues to grow as pressure mounts.