Federal Judge Orders Redaction Review of Mueller Report, Rips Bill Barr as Democrats, ACLU Celebrate

A federal judge has decided to not take the word of AG William Barr and demanded that he and the Department of Justice hand over an unredacted copy of the Mueller report to review.

Judge Reggie B. Walton, a federal district court judge in Washington who was appointed by George W. Bush, claimed that there were “inconsistencies between Attorney General Barr’s statements” and that he has “grave concerns about the objectivity” of Barr’s Justice Department.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said that she was “allowed to read the “classified” redacted portions of 1/2 of the Mueller report (only half) and yes, the public must see it. All of it.”

Soros backed MoveOn.org, in a tweet, said that “Seems like no one should have any issues with this if Trump and Barr truly have nothing to hide and weren’t actively carrying out a cover-up.”

The ACLU, which claims to be nonpartisan, has decided that “AG Barr has made it clear that his motives were to spin the Mueller report to protect the president.” They continued, saying that they welcomed, “the decision to review the legitimacy of Barr’s redactions.”

All of this adds up to what is likely to be an attempt to reopen the impeachment process if it goes further and a revised copy or even the whole thing is released to the public. It could just be red meat for the Democrat base as the elections heat up for November, and President Trump’s approval numbers continue to be strong.

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