NC Middle School Accused by Locals of Pushing ‘Globalism’ for Flying Various Nation’s Flags in Addition to the U.S. Flag

A middle school in Catawba County, North Carolina has ruffled some patriotic feathers as of late with their policy of flying other nation’s flags in addition to the United States and North Carolina Flags. Hickory Record reports that they implemented the practice over 10 years ago to embrace “student diversity” and “spark questions about other countries”.

Jason Guptill is the teacher who promoted the idea at its inception. He commented to the Record, that “it’s always been positive”. Principal Jennifer Stodden agrees with the concept and thinks its a good idea to help the 50% of students from a “diverse background” celebrate diversity. Hickory Record reports that a photo was posted to social media which created negative feedback and controversy. From the Hickory Record:

Comments on social media said that the school is either flying the flags improperly or that Arndt shouldn’t fly the international flags at all.

According to Guptill, the American flag and any international flag are meant to be flown at the same height and the international flag can’t be bigger than the American flag. This is how the flags are flown at Arndt Middle. Stodden added that the North Carolina flag could be flown either below the international flag or the U.S flag.

The international flag is selected by chance unless there is a reason to choose a flag from a country, for example, which is celebrating a holiday. The Welsh flag flew over the school this week as people in Wales celebrated the holiday St. David’s Day.

It’s unclear which photo initially sparked the outrage, but Media Right News dug up a post by “Tom Dees for Commissioner” on Facebook. The political page has the article cited as a standalone post with a caption on the top: “Our schools are trying to raise “global citizens.” it begins. The characterization continues on, “How do we put that George Soros genie back in the bottle? Globalism has been an absolute train wreck for our country. Our schools have no business promoting that horrible ideology.” See the post below:

H.M. Arndt Middle has a post on their official website, apparently “explaining” their policy of flying other nation’s flags in addition to that of the U.S. “We proudly fly our American flag every day. To the right, we proudly fly our great state’s flag. We alternate flying International flags. Today, February 28th, we fly the Italian flag. Arndt Middle School loves America and North Carolina!” See screenshot below:

Screenshot from

It’s tough to say if the intent was to push what some consider to be a globalist or anti-American agenda here, or if it truly is something more along the lines of a way to educate students about other countries around the world. An argument could be made that kids could easily learn about other nations in the classroom, without the extra effort of honoring the flags of nations that are not the United States’.

Regardless of intent, it’s no surprise that some are upset. Ultimately it will be up to the parents and the school system to decide if this policy is something that should continue or if it may be better to teach the children American patriotism by only honoring the flag of the nation they pledge allegiance to.

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