Federal Judge Tosses Suit Stacey Abrams Filed Resulting in Upholding Fundraising Limits Because She’s Not the Official Gubernatorial Nominee Yet

Last Month, Stacey Abrams who is currently running unopposed to be the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, filed a lawsuit along with One Georgia, asking that the committee be allowed to start taking in unlimited contributions since Abrams is effectively the Democratic nominee.

Last year, Georgia passed a law that would not allow the fundraising committee to raise unlimited funds until after the primary, which is set for May 24th. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen upheld that Abrams’ committee has to wait.

Cohen wrote, Allowing One Georgia to begin raising unlimited amounts of money before the primary would require the court to “effectively rewrite” the law.

The law passed last year allows the positions of governor and lieutenant governor along with their opposing major party nominees to form leadership committees. Unlike traditional political action committees, these committees are allowed to coordinate with the candidate’s campaign, as well as raise unlimited monies.

Because the law requires the candidate to be selected in a primary election to be officially considered the nominee, One Georgia will not be allowed to start raising funds.

Current Governor Brian Kemp however is allowed to raise unlimited funds with his committee. However, Cohen ruled in February that Kemp couldn’t spend any more money from the committee on his primary campaign. Kemp appealed this decision.

Campaign manager for Abrams Lauren Groh-Wargo said following the ruling that it was “more urgent than ever” for supporters to “give whatever they can” through Abrams’ campaign website.

Emma Hamilton from WJCL News shared a clip from her broadcast addressing the ruling.

“GA POLITICS: @staceyabrams request to qualify as the democratic nominee before she wins her uncontested primary has been shut down by a federal judge. Meanwhile, @SenatorWarnock‘s campaign says he’s set a new fundraising record. @WJCLNews

This decision has many democrats on Twitter unhappy. The Salty Professor shared, “CNN: Stacey Abrams loses bid to use same Georgia fundraising law that benefits Republican Governor Brian Kemp. The system is *rigged* against Democratic constituents and candidates.”

Another Twitter user @Bronxgurl57 said, “Typical bs cheating in your face! #RepublicansAreTheProblem Stacey Abrams loses bid to use same Georgia fundraising law that benefits Gov. Brian Kemp”

The law does seem to favor the party in office. It seems unlikely if Democrats take control that they would do anything to change the current law.