Flanked By Security, Damar Hamlin Appears to Return to Watch Bills vs. Bengals Playoff Game in Person

Videos shared on Twitter show Damar Hamlin appearing to return to watch today’s Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals playoff game in person.

Hamlin was flanked by security in the videos and many were left wondering why all the secrecy surrounding his return.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini shared a video in a tweet where she said, “Damar Hamlin heads up to the suite #Bills

Twitter user “Brendan” asked in a reply, “Why are they trying to hide?”

Another Twitter user “Stevan” said in response, “I don’t think we need to track his every move. He literally has a wall of security.”

A different video showed Hamlin arriving in a security cart, which was shown on the broadcast.

In response, one Twitter user asked, “Why is his face covered?”

Hamlin hasn’t confirmed that he is at the game, only tweeting a video from when he was playing and said, “GameDay.”

A Twitter user responded to his tweet, “I don’t get it lol. Hopefully he shows his face and end this suspicion. What’s the point in even showing him if we can’t see his face, how can anybody tell who that person is with a ski mask on. Also, why is security not masked up if it’s so cold out there…?”

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  1. I personally think he died on the field and the NFL does not want anyone to know, this is their money making time of the season and a death on the field does not bode well with the show must go on… Players are talking and they are worried about playing and they all have NDA agreements… Not good…. It will come out, eventually, they are just hoping it is not before Super Bowl…

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