Former Bloomberg Spokeswoman Ripped on Twitter for Asking “How Much Better We’d Feel?” With President Obama

While President Trump’s press conference was going on earlier, Erin McPike, former Mike Bloomberg spokeswoman, wondered on Twitter, “Can you imagine if Barack Obama were still president right now how much better we’d feel?” She then later noted that she was getting “ratioed” which means that she was getting more comments than likes or retweets.

Author and columnist Tim Young was one of those who responded by noting, “The borders would still be wide open.”

Erin had also asked, “Has that already been said?” Twitter user C.D. Watson replied, “Not been said. Not true. Thank God he’s not and she’s not.” Another user, Grumpy, who said to be a USMC vet in his bio, replied to that, “Could you imagine the body count, if he were the president right now. It would match that of a WWII battlefield. Yes @BarackObama ,I hope you do read this.”

When Bloomberg suspended his campaign at the beginning of the month, McPike tweeted out, “People keep asking me what’s next, but I have no idea. For the first time in my life, I don’t care. I am just so proud of @Mike2020 and unbelievably grateful that I got to be part of it. I’ve never been part of anything close to this ever before, and it was incredible. Thank you!” It appears that making mockable statements on Twitter was her next step.

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