Left-Wing Twitter Mocks News That Pence Staffer Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Earlier this evening, it was announced by a White House spokeswoman that, “a staffer in Mike Pence’s office tested positive for the Coronavirus,”. “Neither President Trump nor the vice president had close contact with the individual,” she added.

It didn’t take long for many left-wing Twitter users to find amusement in the situation. One activist, Barbara Malmet, lamented that it wasn’t “Stephen Miller’s wife.” Miller, Trump’s top immigration advisor, recently married Pence’s press secretary, Katie Waldman.

Joe Biden supporter Jody Larose was reminded that “Nancy Pelosi is third in line of succession.” Their advice for the House speaker, “quarantine yourself from the bunch that doesn’t think distancing is not meant for them.”

Another self-proclaimed Atheist, Progressive, and Democrat, with the Twitter name ‘Saint Brian The Godless’ joked, “Make this go viral! Just kidding, sorry, I’ll go…”

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Robert Fortuna, dryly wondered, “1st known W.H. staffer. Wow do I suspect there are others in this nest of science deniers who called the pandemic a hoax? I’m sure few get tested.”

All of this comes two days after Politico Columnist Jeff Greenfield joked that Pence has an “electrified belt around his waist and if he speaks for more than 7 seconds without praising the President, a White House aide presses a button and Pence suffers a painful shock.”

While many have found humor in the current Coronavirus situation to pass the time, this sure seems like a dark way to do so.

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