Former CNN Producer Slams Current Leadership for Fervent ‘Anti-Trump’ Views

A former ‘digital producer’ for CNN has decided to come clean on what he really thinks. According to the title of a Town Hall piece, Steve Krakauer claims that CNN has become the ‘Anti-Trump’ channel. Well it’s no surprise to hear something like this.

All you have to do is look at the Project Veritas reports or the fact that the Trump administration has actually pushed to sue CNN for bias while claiming to be a fair news source. But to hear it from someone who worked there is certainly an outlier.

Krakauer was interviewed by Town Hall and had a lot to say. They broke it down bit by bit in the piece they put out here. A tweet put out on the 25th by Krakauer reads: “This has been wall-to-wall on CNN today – non-stop, fear-mongering, COVID-shaming of people in outdoor public spaces… and not even backed up by most of the actual footage being aired. Absolutely ridiculous.” See the tweet below:

Town Hall Reported in part about the video below:

“It seems like a very clear delineation from when the time I was there,” Krakauer said, explaining his position at the network meant he was responsible for all of CNN’s digital production, including “all of what T.V. looked and felt like on social media and on the website.”

His time at CNN coincided with the 2012 presidential election and “I did not feel an ounce of bias one way or the other” in terms of how they covered the debates, conventions, and town halls, though Krakauer acknowledges how most people at the network were left-leaning, but “it didn’t feel that way in the room.” 

All that changed in 2016, “where there became this feeling of this existential fight with the person in the White House… I think Trump, in a lot of ways, embraced this fight and it became a mission of CNN, I believe, to counter the presidency. And that was not there necessarily before in the feeling of wanting to counter on the other side and I think that has completely changed the output you see both on CNN, but also behind the scenes.”

USLibertywire reported about a similar story regarding the former CBS president who appears to be coming clean as well:

Van Gordon Sauter was president of CBS News in 1982-83 and 1986. He just wrote a blistering condemnation of the liberal media in the Wall Street Journal and says we have reached a tipping point.