Former Gov. Eric Greitens Announces Run For Missouri U.S. Senate Seat, Reportedly Intends to ‘Roll Out a Series of Endorsements This Week From Members of the 2020 Trump Campaign’

Earlier this month, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) announced that he was retiring and would not be seeking a third term in next year’s election.

Former Governor Eric Greitens announced tonight on Fox News that he was ready to make a “comeback,” as host Brett Baier put it, and run for the seat.

According to Just the News, Greitens’ campaign will roll out a series of endorsements this week from members of the 2020 Trump campaign.

They also reported that Greitens said he has not sought an endorsement from Trump but would be “honored” to have it as he “continues to put forth America First policies.”

In a tweet where he shared the interview announcement, Greitens said, “As a Navy SEAL, I fought for this country to ensure our freedoms are protected. Now, the Left wants to take those freedoms away from you. That’s why I’m running for the US Senate in Missouri. We must fight to take America back from the lunacy of the left.”

Trump’s 2020 strategic advisor Boris Epshteyn offered what appeared to be his endorsement in a tweet where he said Greitens “is a MAGA Champion and will be a strong fighter for the people of Missouri and all Americans in the U.S. Senate!”

In a follow up tweet, Greitens insisted, “I’ve been a fierce defender of President Trump from Day One. DC needs more fighters who will continue Trump’s America First policies. As a Navy SEAL & outsider, I have what it takes to serve & protect America from Biden’s leftist agenda.”

Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani appears to be the first in the series of endorsements and has officially announced his endorsement of Greitens, calling him a “fighter” and saying that he has the “strength” and “courage” to win.

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