Former Obama Spokesman is Panicking About Miami-Dade Voter Turnout, Reports Show Republicans Up in Early in Person Voting

It looks like Democrats are up in Miami-Dade County overall counting early voting and mail-in voting for those who have voted so far. But for just early in-person voting it appears Republicans are up which is causing concern for Democrats, as Trump supporters are expected to show up on election day in droves more than Democrats.

Kevin Cate, blue check self-proclaimed former spokesman for Barack Hussein Obama says he is concerned about it and gives the impression it’s not a good sign for the Biden Campaign. He tweeted:

“I’m concerned about Democratic turnout in Miami-Dade. This is an evergreen concern, but still.”

Miami Dade Early Vote R-D 10-27

Ned Ryan tweeted:

“As of this morning, Republicans are winning the early voting in Miami-Dade County, Florida by roughly 3,000 votes. For perspective, Hillary Clinton won that county by 30 pts in 2016 and still lost the state. . .”

It looks like closer to 5,000 votes more instead of 3,000 now that we checked. This doesn’t mean a whole lot, except that it could possibly be a sign of Trump outperforming 2016 in a bellwether state.

Not the sort of things that helps Democrats sleep at night especially after Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to the Supreme Court yesterday.

Time will tell how Florida and the rest of the swing states go in this unprecedented presidential election that is projected to have record turnout. President Trump is doing multiple rallies a day and Joe Biden is fending off Hunter Biden scandal allegations and using celebrity endorsements to try to help him along.