Kathy Griffin Trashes ACB, Then Claims to be Calming Her Nerves by ‘Picturing Mitch McConnell’s Hands Falling Off’

You would think that when actors and actresses, Hollywood icons, and musicians rise to the top on the backs of people from all walks of life, they would remember the stepping stones that enabled them to get them to where they are today.

Kathy Griffin is just one example of people who burn their bridges over and over again. Most recently, she has been taking to Twitter to trash newly appointed and strongly conservative Amy Coney Barrett and to whine about her lack of representation.

This is the same Kathy Griffin who said “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” in 2018 as pointed out by a Twitter user:

Then Griffin went on to use a perceived tragic situation with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to try and make fun of the elderly public servant, by wishing for his hands to fall off. This was in the wake of pictures showing Mitch having a bruise on his face and hands.

Only the lowest of the low would make jokes like that, and only certain people can get away with that type of rhetoric on platforms like Twitter in our view, based on our observations. Before that though, came Griffin’s SCOTUS tweet, lamenting President Trump’s most recent accomplishment.

“6-3 doesn’t represent me. Flip states blue, stop the GOP.”

What Griffin fails to see is that 6-3 is actually closer to 5-4 considering Justice John Roberts, an alleged conservative, often sides with the left anyway.

But no matter, leftists everywhere are calling for retribution against the GOP by stacking the courts and adding Supreme Court members when they take back power if they ever do.

This is outlandish and likely unconstitutional, but many leftists don’t care about the constitution anymore anyway. Case in point, left-leaning Gravel Institute, blue check verified on Twitter actually tweeted:

“What if – hear us out – the Constitution sucks, and is wrong about everything, and shouldn’t be the basis for running a society in the 21st century?” See it for yourself before it’s deleted:

Then comes Griffin’s most outlandish statement of the day, but only so far:

“Calming my nerves by picturing Mitch McConnell‘s hands falling off right now.”

Will she be banned from Twitter, disavowed by the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign, and relegated to the dustbins of censorship like so many others have been for debatably less? I doubt it. But that’s just the way it goes in today’s America.