GA Governor Kemp No Longer MIA, Declares Localities Cannot Issue Mask Mandates

Yesterday, Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp signed an Executive Order which banned municipalities mask mandates. This action bucked a trend we are seeing across the United States. In his tweet, he says he “strongly encourages Georgians to wear masks in public.” This leaves them a choice, the freedom to choose to wear a mask or not.

At the end of June, Kemp went on a ‘Wear a Mask’ tour. Kemp and other health officials including the Surgeon General of the United States did this to encourage the public to wear masks when out and about.

Health freedom is important to many Americans, most notably is the parents right to choose to vaccinate their children or not. It is freedom they don’t want to see taken away. Kemp’s ban on mask mandates goes against a trend we are seeing across the United States, many state and local governments are putting in the mask mandates and attaching fines and possible jail time. A lawsuit was filed earlier this month that challenges the Washington State mask mandate.

On the other side of this argument, there are people who want a national mask mandate. Comedian Chelsea Handler accuses Kemp of a ‘War Crime’ by letting people have the freedom to choose for themselves. See her tweet below:

One Twitter use @TuxcedoCat is asking others to ‘call the Gov. Brian Kemp’s office’ and ‘demand he issue a statewide mask mandate!’

The Attorney General of Louisiana issued a statement yesterday calling Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards’ mask mandate likely illegal, appearing to violate Louisiana’s constitution. Attorney General Jeff Landry’s said the order was “likely unconstitutional and unenforceable.”

It looks like a fight for both sides of the argument, some fear the loss of rights and liberties and others are afraid for their health.