Gaetz, Trump Jr. Call Out Schiff For America’s ‘Biggest Lie’ and Comey Directing America’s ‘Biggest Scandal’

Matt Gaetz had a response today, which was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr., to the Michael Flynn FBI documents that were released yesterday. He said that US House Rep Adam Schiff “has been caught in America’s biggest lie.” He called out former FBI director James Comey for “directing America’s biggest scandal.”

Adam Schiff has been caught in America’s biggest lie. Jim Comey has been caught directing America’s biggest scandal.

In 2019, Schiff wrote in a letter demanding that Flynn appear to testify. “Notwithstanding repeated efforts by committee staff to engage with your counsel and accommodate your adjournment requests, you have, to date, failed to comply with the committee’s subpoena or cooperate with the committee’s efforts to secure your compliance,” Schiff said at the time after Flynn refused.

In 2018, Comey said Flynn was told he could have an attorney present during the meeting with bureau officials, but Comey also said officials told Flynn the interview would be faster without one.

Comey told lawmakers at the time, “I believe the deputy director volunteered to him that you are welcome to have somebody present from the White House Counsel’s Office. And I think he said, in substance, there’d be no need for that.”

Trump Jr. also tweeted out in response to the documents that showed “goals” of the interview that “the only ‘goal’ they had absolutely no interest in was getting to the TRUTH!”

One thing is clear, the only “goal” they had absolutely no interest in was getting to the TRUTH!

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