General Milley ‘Justifies’ Actions Behind then President Trump’s Back: ‘My Oath is to Support the Constitution… … Against Enemies Foreign and Domestic’

Today General Milley is testifying before congress on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Milley apparently also addressed his secret calls to China.

Danny De Urbina tweeted a clip of General Milley discussing his call from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and how he knows he is not in the chain of command on deploying nuclear weapons. He justifies his calls to China with “My oath is to support the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic.” He offers to supply and documentation and witnesses need to show why he did what he did.

CBS News shared a longer clip of Milley’s remarks on the phone calls to China. In the clip, Milley states that he was only reassuring the Chinese that the United States was not going to attack them.

“Gen. Mark Milley says he is “certain that President Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese,” but he contacted China to reassure them because of “concerning intelligence which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States”

Milley admits he is not in the chain of command but found a way to justify his actions saying, “I am specifically directed to communicate with the Chinese by Department of Defense guidance.” Milley said the calls were coordinated with former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller.

Milley claims his message to the Chinese was, “Stay calm, steady, and de-escalate. We are not going to attack you.”

Milley has faced major criticism for the calls after they were brought to a more public light earlier this month.

We reported earlier fired by Trump Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was one to call for Milley’s resignation:

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was removed from his post by former President Donald Trump, is speaking out. Vindman, who previously testified against Trump in an impeachment trial, is shocking many. You see, Vindman is the last person you’d think would go against someone for undermining Trump because that is exactly what Trump felt Vindman did to him.

Nevertheless, Vindman is speaking out, this time, against General Mark Milley. General Mike Flynn, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and many others are also calling for Milley to resign, at a bare minimum.

This comes after a new book reinforces stories that Milley likely undermined then President Trump in a bad way, towards the end of his tenure.

Trump also claimed Milley pushed to keep Trump from sending in the military after BLM rioters in 2020’s summer of rioting and looting, which included Antifa as well. Vindman tweeted in response to a Washington Post story about Milley making secret calls to China about Trump:

“If this is true GEN Milley must resign. He usurped civilian authority, broke Chain of Command, and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military. It’s an extremely dangerous precedent. You can’t simply walk away from that. #dotherightthingintherightway

We will see if anything comes from Milley’s testimony before Congress.

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