George Conway Uses 9/11 to Slam Trump By Calling Him ‘The Greatest Threat to the Safety and Security of Americans’

Recently, it was announced that Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George Conway were stepping away from their professional positions to focus on their family. That hasn’t stopped either of them from expressing their political opinions on Twitter, however.

A day after an exclusive clip from the new film “Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump” was released that showed him criticizing President Trump, George took things in direction that many people would see as off-limits.

Dismissing global threats, including those who subscribe to the extreme ideology that carried out the terrorist attack 19 years ago, George said, “On this 9/11, the greatest threat to the safety and security of Americans is the President of the United States.”

Nick Sandmann took notice of the tweet and responded by asking, “You know what 9/11 is right?” One reply to Sandmann pointed out that he “wasn’t even born” when the attack happened but he “has a better understanding.”

Sandmann also retweeted it with some advice, “George, please actually listen to the phone calls made on those planes from passengers. Then go rethink your life.”

George Conway quotes in movie clip from HuffPost:

“But they just come out without regard to the consequences,” Conway said.

“He actually believes some of this insanity that comes out of his mouth. Not only is there no filter, there’s nothing up here,” Conway said as he gestured to his head. “There’s nothing up here that represents any version of reality or sensible thought.”

“Being president, you actually have to play multi-dimensional chess,” Conway said in the clip. “He’s not even playing tic-tac-toe. He’s a practical joke that got out of hand.”

“Unfit,” directed by Dan Partland, was made in consultation with the Duty to Warn Coalition, an organization of mental health professionals and others who say Trump is unfit to be president.