Three BLM Thugs Allegedly from Colorado Residential Protests Arrested

“FINALLY” Michelle Malkin tweeted out today, in response to three people being arrested for a riot in a Colorado Springs neighborhood that took place on August 3rd, which we had previously reported. En masse of people entered into the neighborhood to protest the shooting of De’von Bailey which quickly devolved into rioting.

Malkin’s tweet below shows Charles Johnson and Sherri Smith’s mug shots The third person arrested in connection with the riots Lloyd Porche mug shot was not available from the Colorado Springs PD as he was arrested in Denver. Porche’s mugshot can be seen in the cover photo.

As you can see Colorado Springs PD has changed their tune about the event they had originally labeled it as a Protest and had asked the residents of the neighborhood to stay inside their homes.

Malkin believes the woman who was arrested, Sherri Smith, could be the same woman who invaded the “Back the Blue” rally in Denver wielding a baton. In the tweet below you can see the video from the event where a woman dressed in black with a black mask on whips out a baton when being pushed out of the event area.

We also covered one of the incidents from another riot, that took place in Colorado Springs on August 8th. The rioters attacked a man in a wheelchair in response patriots made it known they were not welcome in their neighborhood by retaliating. With this being at least the second similar incident in the state the people seemed to be more prepared to defend themselves.

With the invasion of neighborhoods becoming more and more common, with St Louis, Portland, New York, Rochester, and Colorado Springs all reporting riots or out of control protests in neighborhoods. The news calling the burning of Kenosha businesses a mostly peaceful protest.

The narrative pushed in mainstream media in my opinion seems to welcome the destruction and plays it off as nothing more than the price to pay for ‘racial injustices’ that have yet to face our judicial system. The loud screaming toddlers of our society seem to have set the summer’s narrative. As Malkin tweeted “FINALLY” something is being done. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case going forward.