Geraldo Rivera Takes to Twitter to Express Concern After Elon Musk Declares an ‘All-out War Against His Former Staff’ With Twitter Layoffs

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter today to express concern after Elon Musk declared an “all-out war against his former staff” with the Twitter layoffs that were announced today.

Rivera made the tweet prior to when the layoffs took place as he announced, “Elon Musk has declared All-Out war on his former staff.”

“At 9am Pacific time, Massive Layoffs go into affect at Twitter. With no formal notice and gut-wrenching efficiency, Musk and his inner circle have eliminated about half of its pre-Elon workforce. 3,700 Twitter jobs gone,” Rivera complained.

Many conservative Twitter users came to Musk’s defense against Rivera, as they were happy to hear about the layoffs.

“Catturd” asked Rivera, “Do you ever stop crying?”

Conservative commentator Tim Young told Rivera, “You sound sad” and wondered if he was “gonna be ok?”

Twitter user “Jellenne” pointed out, “I don’t recall you being this concerned when people’s jobs and businesses were lost during lockdowns, people losing their jobs over jab mandates, or Cuomo sending Covid patients into nursing homes that killed thousands of our elderly loved ones.”

Blaze TV host Chad Prather said that he believes “Geraldo losing that bot support.”

Business Insider reported that employees discovered they were locked out of their laptops before they were even told that their jobs were eliminated and at least one has filed a lawsuit.


  1. The bunch of whiney little douches need to be fired.

  2. Not exactly breaking news. Geraldo has been a flaming Lefty putz for his entire career.

  3. How often do they wake Jerry from his crypt ?

  4. Oh MY! “Locked out of their laptops”….what will we do? What WILL we do?

    And they’re all such NICE liberrhoids…

  5. Hopefully, Jerry will recover from this devastating news and return to the spotlight in his job as a media libtard. Good luck Mr. Rivers!

  6. But Musk is giving the laid off employees 3 months of salary & benefits, not to expire until February 2nd. He reports that is 50% more than what the law requires him to do. So no one is guaranteed a job, right? So Geraldo, what’s your beef?

  7. Oh, and btw, these are employees who have chosen to have several days to “rest” and have even gotten to choose to work from home. I truly am sad when people lose their jobs, but in this case, from all I’ve read & heard these particular employees have had it much better than most other employees over the years. Just my take.

  8. Hmmm, wonder what happened to my initial post, you know, the one regarding how Elon has given these employees 3 months of full salary and benefits until Feb 2nd, which he reports is 50% more than the law requires. No guarantees of having a job and I have to say these particular employees have been well taken care of over the years. They’re just upset at losing their cushy positions. “Nuff said.

  9. My posts are being deleted. How lowdown is that. Leaving this site in the dust, apparently they don’t want to include everyone’s thoughts so I’m outa here.

  10. Rivera shows his ignorance of corporate reality. Shutting off computer access PRIOR TO giving a pink slip is a common preemptive action to prevent disgruntled employees from wreaking havoc on computer systems and/or deleting critical files. The common practice is to present the layoff notice (pink slip) and have the employee immediately pack up and exit the premise, escorted. Right then. The required advance notice begins then. They’ve been told they are laid off and they get paid for the advanced notice period, they just get to serve out the advanced notice wherever they choose…except at their desk. That is, it’s a “working vacation” with no working. In Twitter’s case, 2 months advance notice was mandatory. Musk gave 3 months pay. In my state, we get two weeks….thus my total lack of sympathy for Twitter employees who (unlike most employees being laid off) knew for months they needed to look for new jobs. Give them some cheese with their whine….but sympathy? NOT!

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