Globalists Fail to Make Tucker Carlson Irrelevant, Report Says Donald Trump in Talks with him to Moderate GOP Debate

Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson is down but not out. Some may argue that he’s not even down, as the dynamic news environment may be getting recreated before our eyes.

As speculation about those particulars continues to rage, more news about Tucker Carlson specifically continues to trickle out. The Washinton Post is reporting that Carlson is, according to sources, even potentially willing to lose some of the money owed to him by Fox News to continue on with his career in other ways sooner than his current contract may allow for.

Benny Johnson also tweeted a report from The Hill that cites the WaPo inside, saying that Carlson may try to moderate alternate GOP primary debates with potential approval by former President Donald Trump.

“BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reportedly in Talks With Trump to moderate alternate GOP primary debate”

WaPo reported in part:

“If I’m sitting in his seat right now, I’m plotting really my own media company, how I want to build it,” said Joel Cheatwood, a former Fox News and CNN executive who helped found with Glenn Beck after his forced departure from Fox News in 2011. “Whether you like him or not, there are very few individual brands out there that you can almost guarantee an incredibly significant following from day one.”

It’s important to note that although these speculations we are reporting on are from reliable and reputable sources, sometimes messages got lost in the game of telephone and people can embellish them for various reasons.

The Hill reported:

Carlson has even chatted about the idea with former President Trump, according to the report, who has threatened to skip one or both of the first Republican debates that are scheduled for the summer. The first GOP debate is slated to be hosted by Carlson’s former network, Fox News.

Carlson’s contract with Fox News reportedly runs through the end of 2024, which could limit his ability to dip his toes into other ventures until then.

We will be monitoring the situation closely to see what unfolds next for Carlson, Fox News, and the broader media shakeup happening before a major presidential election cycle hits us.

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