‘God Bless Our Air Force’ Randy Quaid Shares Picture From His Legendary Scene in ‘Independence Day’ in a Tweet

Actor Randy Quaid today shared a picture from his legendary scene in the movie “Independence Day” in a tweet.

“The only mask any red-blooded American should be called to wear for the safety of others and our country,” Quaid insisted.

Quaid then declared, “Happy 4th of July. God bless our Air Force.”

In another tweet, Quaid shared a message from a U.S. Army combat veteran who thanked him for his role in the movie.

“U.S Army Combat Veteran Jonny Castro thank you for being there & for your service,” Quaid began.

Quaid continued, “Your story is harrowing and Americans need to know what cost fighting for our Independence had on you and your brothers-in-arms.”

“God bless you and your family. Happy Independence,” Quaid concluded.

Castro’s message:

“My name is Jonny Castro. I’m a U.S. Army Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I served with a Military Police Company at a forward operating base just outside of Baghdad.”

“During my time in Iraq, ‘Independence Day’ on DVD was the only (movie) that my team and I had for the first few months in [the] country.”

“It wasn’t even an official DVD either. It was a bootleg copy. If you can imagine a bunch of 20-something year-old guys amped up off fat burners and energy drinks, armed with belt-fed machine guns and rocket launchers watching Russell Casse save the world on a portable DVD player with night vision, as we waited to assault an insurgent stronghold in the middle of the night.”

“We probably watched that movie 50 times during those 13 months. Each time we would get in a firefight or have enemy contact, we would always yell ‘UP YOUURRSSSS!!!'”

“Every time that movie comes on TV it immediately takes me back to a time that I wish I could forget, but at the same time, it reminds me that I actually did something meaningful with my life.”

“In case you don’t hear it often, thank you for what you do and for helping make one of the worst places on earth seem not so bad. It means more than you could ever know.”

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