Good Visits Southern Border Wall to Learn More About its Status & the ‘Impact of Biden’s Open Border Policies’

Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) is in Arizona visiting the southern border wall with Mexico as President Biden prepares to issue a series of executive actions on immigration.

Good said of the trip, “I’m going to be doing a two-day trip to the border to see up close and personal the impact of the president’s new immigration policies on communities closer to the border as well as what will threaten the whole country.”

As reported by ABC 13, Good said he finds some of Biden’s executive orders on immigration troubling, including the ones to stop construction on the border wall, give amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants, and end the travel ban from hostile countries.

Good tweeted a video of himself at the wall and said, “Down at our Southern Border learning more about the status of the border wall and the impact of Biden’s open border policies. Border security is critical to the safety and health of our communities.”

In the video, Good said that “controlling immigration, particularly illegal immigration, is one of the greatest priorities of our country, at least it should be.”

“Illegal immigration is a national security issue, it’s an economic issue, and certainly during a virus, such as COVID, it is a healthcare issue as well,” Good explained in the video.

Good concluded the video by stating that “it’s critical that we enforce our laws and that we have laws in place that protect our citizens and put Americans first.”

It was recently reported that Biden planned to delay signing a string of executive orders on immigration, including the long-awaited announcement of a task force to reunite migrant families that were supposedly separated under the Trump administration.

The new president has faced scrutiny over-reliance on executive orders in his first days in office. In just over a week, he has already signed more than three dozen executive orders and directives.

Biden attempted to frame his latest executive actions as an effort to “undo the damage Trump has done” by fiat rather than “initiating any new law.”