GOP Calls Ayanna Pressley ‘Unhinged’ After She Tells MSNBC There Needs to be ‘Unrest in the Streets’

Squad member and House rep Ayanna Pressley had harsh words yesterday when speaking to Tiffany Cross on MSNBC. She said that there needs to be “unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.”

She believes there is “plenty to go around.” GOP Twitter Account RNC Research said that she is unhinged as she accused GOP officials of “carrying water” for the administration.

Pressley shared another clip of the interview on her Twitter where she said, “This administration is at war with the United States Postal Service, which means it’s at war with the American people. Not surprising, but no less shameful.”

She also claimed that Postmaster General DeJoy “must go.” House and Senate Democrat leaders have called for him to testify over their claims of “sabotage” to the election.

She tweeted earlier today that “Systemic racism in America is a public health emergency.” Last month, the city council of Minneapolis, Minnesota, approved a resolution declaring racism a public health emergency.

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