GOP Ohio House Rep Who Voted to Impeach Trump Drops Out of Race and Calls the Former President ‘a Cancer’

According to the New York Times, U.S. House Rep Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) has dropped out of the race for re-election in 2022 and called former President Donald Trump “a cancer for the country”.

Gonzalez was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January and ultimately, that decision led Trump to endorse his primary opponent, Max Miller, in February.

After news broke of the announcement, Gonzalez tweeted a statement confirming the news.

In the statement, Gonzalez acknowledged the “political realities of the day” and claimed that there is a “chaotic political environment.”

Alex Bruesewitz was one of the first conservatives to celebrate the news on Twitter.

“RINO Anthony Gonzalez of OH-16, one of the ten FOOLS to vote to impeach Trump, is NOT seeking re-election because he is down HUGE in the polls to Trump endorsed Max Miller,” Bruesewitz exclaimed.

Bruesewitz added, “ALL RINOs MUST GO! FOLLOW OH-16’s next congressman, the American First Patriot @MaxMillerOH!”

Left-leaning redistricting guru Dave Wasserman also tweeted out about the news and acknowleged that “Whether due to primaries, retirements or redistricting, I’d be surprised if four of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump earlier this year are back in Congress in 2023.”

Previously, we reported:

In multiple statements previously released by the president, he has long hinted at the primarying of establishment Republicans and especially those who voted to impeach him. Today seems like the first endorsement to remove the RINO from Congress.

The endorsement of Max Miller is to challenge Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) who voted to impeach the former President. Gonalez is one of the 10 House GOP Representatives. to vote to impeach former President Trump in January following the attack on the Capitol which some Congressmen implicated Trump for it.

With Trump’s endorsement, Max Miller will likely defeat GOP incumbent Anthony Gonzalez as Trump is the clear leader of the Republican party whether the establishment wants it to be like this or not.

We will have to see if he now becomes more active in the Republican primaries for 2022 following his CPAC speech which he is set to deliver on Sunday and will likely talk about the establishment Republicans and how to get them out.

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