GOP Rep Ken Buck Puts GoFundMe On Notice After Statement That Rittenhouse Can Finally Raise Funds on Site

U.S. House Rep Ken Buck (R-CO), who is the former District Attorney of Weld County, put GoFundMe on notice after they made a statement that Kyle Rittenhouse can finally raise funds on the site after being found not guilty.

In a tweet, Buck tagged the fundraising site and declared, “@gofundme will be hearing from me very soon, I have a lot of questions.”

In the long-winded statement, GoFundMe claimed that they had removed fundraisers for Rittenhouse due to the fact that charges for a violent crime were brought against him.

One Twitter user pointed out in a quote tweet of the tweet containing their statement, “GoFundMe has disabled responses, perhaps because a quick search reveals that GoFundMe allows fundraising for violent left-wing criminals.”

The Post Millennial report in a recent article multiple instances that show where they didn’t apply those standards to left-wing rioters that had been charged.

In June of 2020, a fundraiser for legal fees was launched for Zachary Alexander Karas of San Diego. Karas was charged by the Department of Justice with “possessing incendiary devices known as Molotov cocktails at a protest that began on May 30th in La Mesa.”

Not only that, but GoFundMe donated $150 to the campaign themselves as Karas and his molotov cocktails “touched” the GoFundMe Team, as reported by

Conservative activist Melissa Tate tweeted that she believes, “Kyle should sue @GoFundMe !! Now they are trying to explain themselves for removing Kyle’s campaigns to raise money after Biden labeled him a white Supremacist.”

“Shame on all you powerful people & mega corporations for punching down & bullying a teenager for a whole year. Evil,” Tate added.

Others, like comedian Tim Young, suggested in a tweet, “Just in case you needed a reminder… NEVER USE @GOFUNDME AGAIN.”