GOP Rep Nicole Malliotakis Voted For Infrastructure Bill, Also Voted to Remove MTG from Committee Assignments

With the passage of the infrastructure bill last night in the House of Representatives, some Republicans have once again gone against the caucus.

Freshman Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), who was swept into office after being endorsed by former President Trump, was one such Republican who voted in favor of the infrastructure bill.

It should also be noted that Malliotakis voted to remove U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments earlier this year.

Greene is one of Trump’s most ardent supporters and has been critical to fighting back against the radical left agenda in Congress.

Malliotakis attempted to explain her vote in a press release that she shared in a tweet that went live one minute past midnight this morning.

The tweet has been badly ratioed by Republicans who are outraged that she would vote for a bill that did not have enough Democrat support to pass without getting concessions from the Democrats, like border security for example.

“I cast my vote FOR the bipartisan infrastructure bill and AGAINST advancing the socialist spending spree,” Malliotakis declared in the tweet.

Malliotakis explained, “For far too long our leaders have failed to modernize our aging roads, highways & bridges, upgrade sewer systems & implement flood resiliency projects.”

It appears that Malliotakis believes that simply not voting for the larger package is a concession of some sort that should appease her voters.

The idea that the federal government has to provide for infrastructure has been disputed by many as it is typically up to the city and state governments to do this, but of course, New York has budget woes.

Malliotakis’ district may end up being eliminated or might absorb bluer areas in redistricting, so she may be anticipating not having to run a re-election campaign.

From Malliotakis’ press release:

“I proudly voted for the bipartisan infrastructure package that will improve the safety and prosperity of communities across America and make the necessary improvements to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century. For far too long, our local, state, and federal leaders have neglected to modernize New York City’s aging infrastructure to keep pace with economic and population growth. The funding stream we are providing today will be used by states and cities to modernize roads, highways, bridges, sewer systems, and flood resiliency projects, including right here on Staten Island and in Southern Brooklyn.

 “This funding could be used for new fast ferry lines connecting the city’s five boroughs, upgrading our subway system’s pre-WWII signals, or completing the High-Occupancy Vehicles lane on the Staten Island Expressway. The city could afford to fortify neighborhoods along our coastline with resiliency projects like the East Shore Seawall and expand our sewer systems to deal with the next Superstorm Sandy or Hurricane Ida. Additionally, this funding would reduce the need for the MTA to raid operating funds to pay off debt incurred for capital improvements. Simply put, it’s this type of investment that will not only save city residents’ time and money, but also their properties and lives.

 “While the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure package is an undisputable victory for New York, it’s only the first step in the long process of addressing our city and state’s infrastructure needs. It is now up to our city and state governments to allocate and prioritize this funding and I will continue to work to ensure they do so appropriately.”

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