GOP Scores Big Win as NC State Supreme Court Reverses Previous Decision on ‘Partisan Gerrymandering,’ Sets up Opportunity For U.S. House Gains

The North Carolina state Supreme Court has reversed a previous decision on “partisan gerrymandering,” setting up an opportunity for GOP U.S. House gains.

When the previous decision was made, Democrats controlled the court, but they lost power in the midterm elections.

Election expert Dave Wasserman tweeted about the news, “NEW: as expected, new GOP majority on NC Supreme Court reverses previous court’s ruling that partisan gerrymandering is illegal.”

“This could wipe out four Dem seats, nearly doubling the GOP’s cushion in the House,” Wasserman explained.

Currently, the state is split in terms of representation in Congress with seven Republicans and seven Democrats.

The state Supreme Court had previously been 4 Democrat Justices to 3 Republican Justices, but now is 5 Republican Justices to 2 Democrat Justices.

 Republican North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby said in the majority opinion, “This case is not about partisan politics but rather about realigning the proper roles of the judicial and legislative branches.”

“Today we begin to correct course, returning the judiciary to its designated lane,” Newby insisted.

The two Democrat Justices seethed in their dissenting opinion as Justice Anita Earls wrote, “This decision is now vacated by a Republican-controlled Court seeking to ensure that extreme partisan gerrymanders favoring Republicans are established.”

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