Gorka to Kamala Harris on Supporter’s ‘retarded’ Comment: “You’re a Bald-Faced Liar”

A few days ago, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris was at a campaign event in New Hampshire where one of the attendees referred to the actions of the Trump Administration as ‘mentally retarded’. It was a relatively clear statement, and the words were not minced. Kamala Harris had many options for how she could have responded. She could have agreed with the premise but disagreed on the use of the word ‘retarded’, or she could have brushed it off completely. Instead, she responded very directly and concisely to the comment, with the simple words of ‘well said’.

Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump and conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka responded this morning to Kamala’s damage control fiasco, where she says she’s not really sure if she heard the word, or perhaps her brain didn’t process it. This after she was confronted by CBS News reporter Caitlyn Huey-Burns and asked why she didn’t correct the crowd member when he originally said it. Gorka’s response, unlike Kamala’s, was loud and clear and aimed directly at presidential candidate Harris: “You’re a bald-faced liar”.


It doesn’t appear that Kamala Harris has responded to this as of yet, or made any further comments on the situation on her Twitter feed since the original post on September 7th that Gorka retweeted. You can see the original video below from the campaign event, and the subsequent interview where Harris attempts to explain herself and draw your own conclusions.


Gorka also publicly posted an hour ago, on what appears to be his Facebook profile, a meme of Kamala Harris captioned: “I’M SORRY I GOT CAUGHT ON VIDEO LAUGHING AT MENTALLY RETARDED PEOPLE.”


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