Did Tom Fitton Make a Freudian Slip in a Tweet Calling for IG Report Justice?

Recently the U.S. DOJ released the latest report from the Office of the Inspector General, excoriating James Comey for violating FBI policy, yet withholding from any form of prosecution. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, who has been at the forefront of this story, posted today asking where the justice is, in what appears to be a convenient Freudian slip. In his tweet this morning he says:

“Where are the prosecutions? IG report lays out a criminal seditious conspiracy against @RealDonaldTrump yet DO fails to act. I fear for our country.” Shortly afterward he catches an apparent typo where he posted ‘DO’ instead of ‘DOJ’ for Department of Justice. He quickly added a subthread correcting himself and putting “DOJ…”


An apparent fan and quick-witted Twitter user quickly responded to the tweet where he notes the potential hidden meaning in what may or may not have been a typo from the Watchdog organization leader. @MzterMzter tweeted back at Fitton’s correction where he says “DOJ…”, with the response of: “Department Of” is the more appropriate title…..since they have nothing to do with Justice.”


Attached to the original tweet from Judicial Watch’s Fitton is a link to a nearly 30-minute video detailing the reasoning behind his opinion and what he thinks you, the American citizen, needs to know. He starts out, “I tell you, this IG, report, if you haven’t read it, you should read it! If you’re an American citizen interested in understanding the coup, the criminal seditious conspiracy against President Trump, then the IG report on James Comey’s mishandling of Trump’s FBI files, it’s essential reading. It’s only 70 something pages, you can read it in one sitting, and it details, not just his mishandling of documents. And I know the focus has been on that, whether he should have been prosecuted for that, but it always highlights why he created the documents to begin with, which is the big news. It was all designed to destroy Donald Trump. It was all part of this coup cabal that was developed during the Obama Administration at the most senior levels.”


Newly hired contributor for Fox News, former White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders, and Judge Jeanine Pirro have similar views. According to Newsweek, Sanders said Comey should feel “lucky he’s not already in prison” and she has “total confidence” in Barr to bring charges against the former FBI director.

Pirro also commented:

“I believe in Bill Barr,” Pirro said. “I talk about the fact that he’s a slow locomotive. Nobody is going to get him off of the track. He’s going to get there. But I haven’t seen him do anything yet. Jim Comey has to be indicted for what he did. He defied the FISA court.”


The Washington Examiner dropped a report today titled: ANALYSIS: Comey may not be off the hook in FISA investigation. This shores up hope by many conservatives that Comey may still be in hot water for reasons beyond the purported nefarious paperwork mishandling. They reported in part:

There’s little reason to believe Horowitz’s next report won’t be as bad or worse for Comey. Since 2018, Horowitz has been reviewing the FISA surveillance warrants targeting former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, and the watchdog is likely scrutinizing every aspect of the FISA approval process, including the FBI’s extensive use of an unverified dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele through funding from the Clinton campaign. The head of the FBI plays an integral role in the FISA process — Comey signed and approved three of the four FISA warrant applications and renewals.

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