Gov. Kristi Noem Announces South Dakota’s Unemployment Rate Dropped Down to 4.1% for September

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has criticism heat recently as Coronavirus cases in her state have increased. The unemployment rate, however, has been on the decline and today she announced that it dropped down to 4.1% for September.

A recent ad released on Noem’s Twitter page says that South Dakota’s “great places are open for adventure.” She adds that she “can promise you that it will be a vacation to remember.”

In August, South Dakota’s unemployment rate was at 4.8%. “Our economy is quickly getting back to normal, and the future is very bright,” Noem said in a tweet at the time.

South Dakota’s Department of Labor & Regulations confirmed the numbers on their website which said that Preliminary estimates show South Dakota’s unemployment rate decreased 0.7% to 4.1% in September 2020.

The labor force increased over the month by 2,600 workers (0.6%) to 463,100 workers and the level of unemployed decreased by 3,100 (14.0%) to 19,100 persons unemployed, according to the website.

Noem also shared an article that states that Amazon bought 80 acres for a Sioux Falls project. Noem said, “South Dakota is open for business, and we’re excited that Amazon is joining the Sioux Falls community!”

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