GRAPHIC: ‘Proud Boys’ Brawl with ‘BLM/Antifa’ on Washington D.C. Streets

Viewer discretion of the videos contained below is advised.

Things have been extremely tense on the streets of Washington D.C. for some time now. As we reported earlier there was a Christian couple hit over the head and attacked by left-wing militants. It looked like a nasty unprovoked attack but we only know as much as the video in the earlier story told us. It seems things are now escalating even further.

Although we are right-leaning and definitely have our opinions, we don’t condone any kind of violence at Media Right News. Sadly, it looks like the left is out looking for a fight tonight and the group ‘Proud Boys’, along with potentially other right-wingers are pushing back.

In the video below you can clearly see one of the scuffles going on and towards the end, it appears one of the left-wing militants sets off a firecracker of some sort. It’s a scary proposition to consider that many of these vicious folks are not just impromptu protesters but potentially trained ‘Marxists’ or other ‘ists’. Julio Rosas reports:

“More fights breaking out between Proud Boys and Antifa in D.C.”

Rosas reports that the D.C. Metro Police Department is allegedly trying to keep the different groups apart to de-escalate violence. If that is true that is not a bad thing per se, but we have seen police departments in the past show bias towards left-wingers in many big metro cities.

“D.C. police are trying to keep the Proud Boys and Antifa separate to prevent fighting.”

As we previously reported about the couple that was attacked in the same are earlier:

Washington D.C. is a hotbed of tumultuous activity today, with Trump Supporters protesting the reported 2020 presidential election results with a second MAGA March and Antifa/BLM left-wingers showing up to counter them.

Despite Joe Biden’s reported win of the election, and a major Supreme Court blow recently against the Trump camp’s efforts to prove the election wasn’t fair, many are still not giving up on the Trump movement. Lots of different types of Republicans and even right-wingers vowing to burn down the establishment GOP all showed up today in support of Trump.

Many in the ‘America First’ movement believe the GOP hasn’t fought hard enough for Trump and therefore deserves to lose the upcoming Senate runoff races in Georgia. I don’t think anyone on the right wants to hand over power to the left, but rather they want to take over the GOP, even if it means things are politically a little bit messy for a while.

Time will tell if they succeed, but in the meantime, it appears Antifa/BLM is causing chaos on the streets of D.C. especially since darkness has fallen on the day, given cover to those who seek to commit cowardly acts such as the one in the video below.

While we don’t know the full story, it appears that a Christian couple is walking down the street and a man yells that Jesus Christ will return. Soon after that, he gets hit in the head violently with an object and there is a skirmish that is not pretty. Drew Hernandez reports:

“DC: Christian Trump Supporting Couple physically assaulted and maced by Antifa/BLM militants”

Click here to read the full article and video. We will bring more updates as we are able to, stay tuned.