D.C. Police are Reportedly Protecting ‘Antifa/BLM’ from ‘Proud Boys’ After they Burned a Black Lives Matter Banner

Unrest continues in the streets of D.C. tonight following the “March for Trump Rally” earlier this afternoon there where thousands of Trump supporters gathered in D.C. and all across the country. Violence broke out in numerous cities today between ANTIFA and the right. According to tweets Police are now protecting ANTIFA from the Proud Boys following them taking the streets.

It is important to note we do not condone any violence here at Media Right News, we are simply reporting what is going on.

As we previously reported today, at least two Trump supporters were beaten by ANTIFA in Olympia, Washington. The Proud Boys and ANTIFA have been fighting for a while now and it seems to be getting deadly in the streets.

The Proud Boys took a “Black Lives Matter” banner and burned it in the streets and it was then extinguished.

A brawl broke out between members of ANTIFA and the Proud Boys which the police had to separate. It seems the counter-protesters came at the Proud Boys.

It has been reported that two people have been stabbed but it is unclear how serious it is. The victims are now being transported from the scene.

The police do seem to have gotten the situation under control following the stabbing but we will have to see what happens as the night goes on.

Stay tuned to Media Right News as we will keep you updated on the situation.