Greene Wonders ‘Where’s the Outrage?’ After 28 Arrested and 11 Officers Injured in NYC Protest

After House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was locked out of her account on Twitter over the weekend for 12 hours, she has not let up at all in being outspoken in her pursuit to pick up some of the slack after President Trump was banned from the social media platform.

Earlier, she shared an NBC 4 New York article which reported that a total of 28 people were arrested late last night and 11 officers were injured, according to the NYPD, but none were in serious condition during a protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

One uniformed captain was hit in the head with a glass bottle, according to the report, but it’s unclear how many protesters may have been injured, if any.

“Violent BLM mobs descended on the streets on NYC last night, going to war w/ police. Zero national media covering the 28 arrests of domestic terrorists who injured 11 officers,” Greene said of the situation.

Greene then wondered, “Where’s the outrage?” She added, “I demand everyone join me in denouncing this violence.”

The local news report that Greene shared also described the marchers as having marched “peacefully” from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to City Hall where they were met with a large group of NYPD officers.

The report also gave the marchers cover in their reasoning for having to march as they said that the groups called for racial and social justice.

Just last week, New York’s attorney general sued the New York Police Department over the rough treatment of protesters, calling it a part of a longstanding pattern of abuse that stemmed from inadequate training, supervision and discipline, the report points out.

A reporter for WNYC, Gwynne Hogan shared a video of the incident and described it as “NYPD making aggressive arrests of Black Lives Matter demonstrators near City Hall, just now.” She then attempted to provide cover as well, as she noted, “It’s MLK day.”