Jim Carrey Mocked by His Own Fans After He Portrays Stacey Abrams: ‘Wrong in So Many Ways’

Jim Carrey used to be loved by all, and many of his comedy blockbusters still are. But when he became a full-time Trump-hater in our view, he lost much of his fan base. He still tweets from time to time and apparently paints pictures now as well.

Yesterday, he decided to post a picture he portrayed of the failed Gubernatorial candidate from Georgia, Stacey Abrams. Abrams was a major part of the Democrat strategy to help Joe Biden win in Georgia. She is still largely influential in the party and quite possibly will run for Governor or something else again.

It appears Carrey’s art was a genuine attempt at complimenting Abrams, but it has fallen flat on its face. The question now is will he respond to the critics, remove the tweet, or simply let it ride?

Above the picture, which is the most recent tweet on his feed the last time we checked, he put the caption:

“Today I’m giving a shout out to born leader and political superstar Stacey Abrams who rescued Georgia from the Red Hats. Their resistance makes all loving hearts stronger and more resolved. Thank you Stacey “for the content of your character.” Dr. King would be so proud of you.”

It’s hard to say for sure if every single criticism underneath is a fan or follower of Carrey’s, but it certainly appears that a lot of them are. One Twitter user responded:

“Jim, You’re telling on yourself and don’t even realize it. Do better, or don’t do anything at all.”

Another tweeted back by saying: “Oh no, this is absolutely so wrong in so many ways.”

One internet commentator posted that he was offended because he believes Abrams is much more pretty than portrayed by Carrey: “Jim Carrey, Stacey Abrams is a very pretty lady. Next time capture that too. She is so fierce!!”

Some made an apprehensive attempt at complimenting his artwork:

Stay tuned as we will bring updates to this saga if we can.