Herschel Walker Riles Up Leftists With New Ad Featuring Female Kentucky Swimmer Who Was Forced to Compete Against Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas

With the Georgia Senate runoff being held on December 6, only two weeks away, GOP candidate Herschel Walker, who is facing off against incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock released a new ad that has riled up leftists.

The ad features female University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who was forced to compete against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

In the ad, Gaines introduced herself as a 12x NCAA All-American and lamented that in her senior year she was “forced to compete against a biological male” after working hard at 4 a.m. practices for “more than a decade.”

“That’s unfair and wrong,” Walker insisted. Gaines then pointed out that “a man won the swimming title that belonged to a woman and Senator Warnock voted to let it happen.”

Walker then chimed in, “Warnock’s afraid to stand up for our female athletes.”

“Herschel Walker stands up for what’s right,” Gaines concluded.

Leftist Brian Tyler Cohen, however, suggested that perhaps Walker should have held off on releasing the ad, even though the election is so close.

In a tweet, Cohen declared, “Wow. Just 1 day after the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting, Herschel Walker is now running a new ad attacking the LGBTQ community and opposing the Equality Act. Cannot make this stuff up.”

“Biden Superfan” Jon Cooper shared a similar message as he said in a tweet, “Just one day after a gunman murdered five people at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Herschel Walker released a new ad attacking transgender athletes.”

“Disgusting, despicable and shameful. Walker should pull the ad IMMEDIATELY,” Cooper demanded.

A poll that was conducted after the general election shows that Warnock has a slight lead in the race, but it is within the margin of error.

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