Hillary Clinton Asks to be Called ‘Madam Chancellor’ After Hecklers Call Her ‘War Criminal’: Video

Hillary Clinton has been giving the “high honor” of Chancellor, Madam Chancellor that is. This is at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland. This is probably the closest she’ll get to “leader” of a country although it isn’t close. She posted photos on Twitter saying “Just call me Madam Chancellor”.

A child appeared to be holding up the back of her garment. That’s not weird at all. To top it all off, a video appeared on the internet. Clinton’s trip was not without incident.

Apparently, there were hecklers. They were calling her “war criminal” and yelling at her and making her feel unwelcome.

She was probably called a “war criminal” by those who didn’t agree with her foreign policy stances as secretary of state and first lady, although the first lady holds very little weight.

That is so sad and we feel very sorry that she had to go through that. Maybe. Anyway, check it all out below:

Clinton failed when she tried to run for president and lost to Barack Hussein Obama. She failed in 2016 when she lost again to Donald John Trump. Sadly she will have to continue winning honorary awards to live out her fantasies of being in charge.

From BBC:

Speaking at a ceremony on Friday, she described the university as “special”.

She said she was looking forward to “learning much more about this university” and “helping to tell the university’s exciting story”.

The ceremony is being held at the end of the first week of the new academic year.

Mrs Clinton said there was “another reason” she had “agreed to become a member of this community”.

“Northern Ireland has become a symbol of democracy’s power to transcend divisions and deliver peace, and we need that beacon of hope now more than ever,” she said.

“But with hope comes responsibilities, the responsibility to be a citizen, to be willing to discuss and learn from people unlike yourselves.

“To debate and compromise in search of common ground to participate in our shared institutions, to respect the rights, dignity and needs of all people, and to uphold the rule of law.”

Although she was the first lady, that will never be enough for power-hungry people like Hillary. Stay tuned for more real news and opinion from the world-renowned (in our opinion) Media Right News.

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